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Clinical & Research

Brilliant Ways aimed to offer academic, operational and competence services in research field.

We can offer you professional services in Medical Writing, Clinical Studies and Clinical Pharmacology Specialization.

Our Services

clinivcal research

Medical Writing

♦ Support designing the pre-clinical and clinical study protocols and all study document

♦ Scientific article for journals and/or conferences

♦ Final study report

♦ Scientific presentation preparation for symposiums and/or meetings


clinivcal research

Clinical Studies

♦ Expert in clinical and pre-clinical studies by support designing studies from phase I to IV.

♦ CRA (clinical research association) selection and leading.

♦ Study submission and obtain national and international study approval.

♦ Support selecting study sites and investigators.

♦ Study monitoring.

♦ Support finding possible new indications for existed products.

clinivcal research

Clinical Pharmacology Specialization

♦ Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic advice.

♦ R&D support for new products and/or existed pipeline products.

♦ Data management for studies.

♦ Toxicology studies and data interpretation including final report.

Medical Innovation is Our Mission

We are looking forward your ideas and plans.

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